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Know everything before your stay in an unusual cabin

What is the opening period ?

  The cabins are rented from April 1 to October 30.


How come ?

  An access plan will be sent to you when you make your reservation.

 We are located 1.5 km from the village of Saint-Cyprien sur Dourdou, on the Rodez-Conques axis.


What time can I arrive ?

  I welcome you from 4 p.m. by appointment, by calling

Please comply with the announced schedule and notify me in case of delay or advance.


What time should I leave the cabin ?

  The cabin must be vacated by 11 a.m. After that, you can stay on the Ferme du Duzou site and use our shared facilities: swimming pool, entertainment room, weights room, children's games, table tennis, billiards, table football, etc.


Can I cancel in case of bad weather ?

 No, cancellations are not accepted in case of rain, cold, wind.

  If Météo France announces a storm warning, we may contact you and offer you another date.

If at the last moment, we judge that there is a security problem in the cabins and that you have already arrived on the scene,

we will offer you alternative accommodation (at worst dormitory type) and you will have the right to return for free on another date to enjoy your night in the cabin.


what should i bring ?

  Bring your towels and washcloths.

  Provide shoes suitable for walking in the countryside, on dirt roads and depending on the weather (exit heels!)

Prefer a bag (backpack if possible) to a suitcase.


What is provided ?

 - A hurricane lamp, as well as LED candles.

 - A portable battery to allow you to charge your mobile phones via USB.

- A reserve of water to wash your grandmother or rinse your hands.

- A large bottle of water.

- The breakfast which will be delivered to you near the cabin around 8:00.

- Toilet paper.

- Biodegradable shower gel.

- A pair of binoculars to observe the flora and fauna of the lake.


Where is the car park ?

  The car park is located about 400 meters from the lake, on the Duzou farm site. It is on foot that I will accompany you  to the lake.


 How do I wash ?

  You can wash your grandmother with the water jug (bring your washcloth),

or use a shower with hot water located by the lake. A shower gel compatible with nature is provided to you.

 For those who do not want to fully indulge in the joys of a 100% natural stay,

a classic shower is available in the reception building (except on certain weekends in the event of privatization by a group).


Is the hut heated ?

  Yes, it is equipped with a gas heater.


Can I come with children?

  Yes, there are two bench mattresses for them. However, for safety reasons, children under 8 years old are not allowed in the Libellule floating cabin.


Can I bring a pet?

  No, our dog friends are not allowed in the cabins.


What does breakfast consist of? ?

  When you arrive, we will ask you to choose your hot drink: chocolate, tea, coffee. An insulated bottle will keep her warm. You will also have bread, butter, jam, a pastry or a piece of fouace (village specialty), a fruit juice.


What is the packed lunch made of? ?

  The optional meal basket will be delivered to you around 7:30 p.m. - 8 p.m.

  The hot meal may  consist, for example, of a salad, sautéed potatoes with confit or roast poultry, a slice of raspberry pie or a fresh fruit salad.

The Aveyron plate is made up of an assortment of local cold meats and cheeses, farçous, bread.

You must inform me in case of special diet or allergy,...

In July and August, on Wednesday evenings, you will also be offered a meal together with chalet holidaymakers.


For special “night in love” stays, the upgraded meal will include foie gras, a main course, 

a dessert  and a small bottle of champagne.


Am I allowed to cook in the hut ?

  No, flames are not tolerated and the hut is not equipped for cooking.


Where is the nearest restaurant ?

  In Saint-Cyprien sur Dourdou, 1.5 km from our farm, you will find a restaurant. Otherwise, you can go to Conques or Marcillac. It is best to book before coming.


can i fish ?

  Yes, you can practice no-kill fishing. Bring your fishing gear.


Can I swim in the lake ?

  No, swimming is prohibited. If you like swimming, choose a favorable period to take advantage of our swimming pool to be shared with chalet holidaymakers.


Can I make a campfire ?

  No, for safety reasons, fires are not allowed.


What about mobile phone and internet connection ?

  If your phone does not pick up, you will have to go to the reception building

to have a free and secure wi-fi connection.


Are there mosquitoes ?

  Mosquitoes are always present at the water's edge, but there is nothing comparable to the seaside. There are few of them.  Mosquito nets bed are provided but you can bring your repellents if these little insects like you.


What animals are present at the lake ?

  There are frogs (you will hear their song especially at the time of reproduction).

There are  dragonflies, butterflies, and animals that are more difficult to see because they are wild:

squirrels, water hens, mallard ducks, herons, wild boars, roe deer,

harmless little water snakes…

  The fish are carp, tench, roach, rudd, zander, blackbass.


What is the surrounding vegetation?

  There are several species of trees: mainly chestnut trees and acacias which release a very good smell in spring, but also fir trees, oaks, alders,…

Icône de poisson

Payment by card

Cottages and lodge:30% deposit  collected upon reservation or 100% if the stay is at  less than 30 days.

Cabins: 100% at  the reservation

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