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Our values and our passion for hospitality on the farm

A little history

  1996: the first three chalets and the swimming pool are built.
Jean-Marc, who comes from a family of farmers from father to son, opens the doors of his farm.

  2001 : construction of three other cottages
At that time, dairy cows were the main agricultural activity.
There was also tobacco growing and veal calf rearing.

  2010: construction of three additional cottages and fitting out of the reception area in an old farm building which had seen pigs, calves, tobacco and poultry.
Milk production is abandoned, Régine leaves her job and the tourist activity is developed.

  2012: construction of five additional cottages

  2015: development of the cockerel gîte

  2017: construction of two unusual cabins on the edge of the hillside lake, which used to be used to water the corn fields.
The enlarged structure allowed us to hire our daughter Carole.
Today, Jean-Marc continues to raise livestock: a flock of organic meat sheep was purchased in 2018. In addition, Aubrac beef heifers are taken in from spring to autumn to graze in the farm's meadows.
There are also donkeys: Quitta, Nalla, Sansa, Caramel, Kenzo, Kiwi, Jupiter, Jazz, Jumper.
Not forgetting the Border Collie sheepdogs: Dixie and the young Rio.
Holidaymakers can see all these animals on site.



The little extras our guests like!



The chalets are widely spaced to preserve the privacy of each family
  The immediate environment and nature are respected and the site preserved
  The old buildings have retained their heritage value
  The sheep production is certified organic
  The premises are cleaned with organic products
  The knowledge of our territory allows us to share it with passion


It's you

who talks about it the best!

Just awesome ! Very pleasant setting, warm welcome, guaranteed family spirit, everything is there to feel relaxed. Thank you very much, we can't wait to come back!

Stephanie with family


You speak best of it

For 23 years we have made an appointment with the Duzou farm, with Régine and Jean Marc who are true friends for us. Our wonder is still present, thanks to this permanent communion with nature, a sweetness of life with the increasingly familiar animals, attention, attentiveness and availability always accomplished in a good mood. Continue on this path, do not change anything! everything is done with heart and love. Thank you and may all our best wishes accompany you throughout the new year.

Jeanine and Daniel, retired


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